Friday, December 18, 2009

mosaic friday-pink christmas

mosaic friday-pink christmas, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

i love all things pink. i would have a houseful of pink if it wasnt for the hubby. today is a good day, i actually was able to upload my mosaic on friday!
i am getting super excited. someone on flickr saw my mosaic of wooden dutch shoes and gave me someone elses name......long story short, i should have my very own pair of wooden shoes around my birthday!! as soon as the holidays are over they will start to make them. eek, isnt that super de duper??

Monday, December 14, 2009

mosaic friday-mostly red and white christmas

wow, i am way late on mosaic friday, but hey, as i say every week, better late than never. i was trying to get the spirit going so i chose to do a red and white christmassy theme for my mosaic. i just adore everything in this one.i cant believe there is only 10 days til xmas eve. ack! i am so not ready. we havent even gotten a tree yet! but i hope to rectify that tonight. as long as the hubby gets home early, it will happen!!!!
i havent gotten anything made yet for gifties. i wanted to make some new stockings for this year, so found the perfect pattern and got all my i cant find the pattern! ugh! i have looked everywhere. did the pattern faeries take it???oh dear, i dont know. i guess i should move onto something else, but i have kind of become obsessed with finding it now. wish me luck

Saturday, December 5, 2009

mosaic friday- wooden clogs

mosaic friday- wooden clogs, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

i am a day late, but hey, better late than never! which if it wasnt late, it probably would be never.
i have always had a thing for dutch shoes. when i was little we had a pair. i have NO idea where they came from or for that matter where they went. i believe it wont be long before i am sporting a pair of these around town, much to the chagrin of my teen daughter :o)

Friday, November 20, 2009

a little holiday inspiration

can i just say how much i love these??? i was inspired by dottieangel's turquoise clogs and had to hang up my own. i got these from my local antique mall. i am always paranoid to paint old things, but i just loved hers so, i knew it would be ok. i really like the color she chose, but figured if i painted mine red i would be able to put them into any room in my house. i think they still need a wee something, but for now, they are pretty as is.

hope you are getting into the holiday spirit!

whats inspiring you???

just keep sewing just keep sewing

have you been checking out sew mama sew lately? they have had just a slew of great tutorials which would make great gifties for the holidays. pop over, i will wait here for you. {{toe tapping to annoying bird rapping on mirror}}. oh! i forgot to tell you something! youre back arent you??? ok, good. i will be doing the bom at the quilt store for next year. i was talking to some of the ladies, and they were all excited to try something new, so we are going to be doing a bom based on gwen and freddys collaborative quilting book. i did a quilt mock up of the blocks....not super excited by it, but hopefully it would look much better in real life

friday flickr faves

friday flickr faves, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

long time no hear, eh?
i know, i suck. what can i say, i just havent had the blogging juju lately. there is talk of a full spectrum lamp coming to live with there is hope yet!
i felt the compulsion to join tam in her friday flickr favorites, so heres my mosaic

Thursday, September 10, 2009

dqs7 finished

well just days before the deadline i managed to finish not one, but two quilties for dqs7. i have no idea which i will send to my partner. i am hoping she will see these here or on flickr and make a comment. i made square squared first, but when i had to take off the final border i just didnt feel like finishing it at the time. then i had the idea for this....

it started off with just an idea for some simple flowers appliqued on top of a strip pieced sky and grass. this was my first attempt at raw edge applique and "thread painting". i adhered the appliques with steam a seam and then "drew" around everything with my machine. i stink at free motion quilting, so i actually had my regular foot on for this. i didnt think it would work but it did!! i am so excited that this turned out so nicely, that i am having a hard time with the thought of letting it go.

i just did a wiggly type of quilting on the square one. its actually a stitch on my machine that i hadnt tried. i remembered my niece, beth, had used the stitch for something and i had thought it cute at the time. if you had the choice, which would you chose, and why?

Monday, August 17, 2009

today was a happy mail day! i got my order from superbuzzy. i really just wanted the cotton time mag, but since i was ordering i figured i might as well get some yummy fabric too. i was good tho and only bought two half yards. i cant wait to use it, its too darn cute. oh, the issue is may 2009, in case you want to buy it. it has some really adorable projects.
i am planning on fussy cutting into the little word squares. but i dont have a particular project in mind yet. that kitchen print just makes me want to squeal.

i have been on a pincushion binge, as i needed to make one for a co-worker to give to her mom, and a few others for swaps, so i figured as long as i am making them i might as well make a bunch. the top left one i used vintage upholstery velvet for the flower.....i think i really like the look. the fabric is sherry berry christmas. i think its the bees knees, dont you? vintage buttons too, of course!
oh i almost forgot!! do you like the new header???

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mitsuwa how i love thee, let me count the ways

today was a happy day. why, you ask?? because i got to go to mitsuwa!!!

mitsuwa is a mall of sorts, it has a food court, a grocery, a travel agent, and a yummy bakery, but best of all it has a bookstore!!! ack!! i lurve this place. i spent almost two hours browsing thru the craft titles and came away with three delicious selections. i dont want to bore everyone by showing you all three here, so i will show you just one, with a few peeks inside. if you want to see more, i will gladly do it in the next couple days. just let me know

i think i might recreate this as a possibly dqs7 or a swap with a certain blogger friend, who shall remain nameless.....

love the wee pincushion, needlebook and geez i guess everything!! there is a lot of wee going on in this pic!

i need to make a new pair of slippers (or as they so sweetly call them in japan, house shoes)

you know how things dont always translate well from one language to another?? what comes to mind is packages of things from china. well this is not one of those things! when i first saw these i thought, wow! really???? fruit salad on bread???? but oh yummmmmmmmm. and i dont even know what have of the fruit is!! its kind of suspended in a whipped creamy thing, on white bread with the crusts taken off, thank you very much. funny thing is, they have potato salad on bread too....i have NOT been brave enough to try that one tho. i guess they figure if its salad it is meant to go on bread, you know, like egg salad......;O/

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a new blog!

ok, so i havent been posting in ages....the truth? i got sick of how my blog looked. i had such a hard time putting in buttons and then they werent even buttons. just words. not good. not happy. so i jumped ship to blogger. i am hoping this will be much easier! now i just need to go find all the buttons to all the swaps and groups and things im in!

i hope you all find me, because i really am too cheap to pay typepad for a month just to put a blurb that i am no longer there.
see that cookie up there?? they are delish. they are called italian lemon drops. if you ever get a chance to nibble one...go for it. you wont be sorry. promise