Thursday, August 13, 2009

a new blog!

ok, so i havent been posting in ages....the truth? i got sick of how my blog looked. i had such a hard time putting in buttons and then they werent even buttons. just words. not good. not happy. so i jumped ship to blogger. i am hoping this will be much easier! now i just need to go find all the buttons to all the swaps and groups and things im in!

i hope you all find me, because i really am too cheap to pay typepad for a month just to put a blurb that i am no longer there.
see that cookie up there?? they are delish. they are called italian lemon drops. if you ever get a chance to nibble one...go for it. you wont be sorry. promise


Anonymous said...

found you! thanks for sending a note. am off to add your new blog to my reader :)

Tina said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for sending the email so we can keep up with you! I'll get your new address on my Reader.

Leslie said...

i am so glad to have found you again....the new blog looks great. I was checking in at your old blog and there was nothing and i was wondering what happened to you.