Friday, December 18, 2009

mosaic friday-pink christmas

mosaic friday-pink christmas, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

i love all things pink. i would have a houseful of pink if it wasnt for the hubby. today is a good day, i actually was able to upload my mosaic on friday!
i am getting super excited. someone on flickr saw my mosaic of wooden dutch shoes and gave me someone elses name......long story short, i should have my very own pair of wooden shoes around my birthday!! as soon as the holidays are over they will start to make them. eek, isnt that super de duper??

Monday, December 14, 2009

mosaic friday-mostly red and white christmas

wow, i am way late on mosaic friday, but hey, as i say every week, better late than never. i was trying to get the spirit going so i chose to do a red and white christmassy theme for my mosaic. i just adore everything in this one.i cant believe there is only 10 days til xmas eve. ack! i am so not ready. we havent even gotten a tree yet! but i hope to rectify that tonight. as long as the hubby gets home early, it will happen!!!!
i havent gotten anything made yet for gifties. i wanted to make some new stockings for this year, so found the perfect pattern and got all my i cant find the pattern! ugh! i have looked everywhere. did the pattern faeries take it???oh dear, i dont know. i guess i should move onto something else, but i have kind of become obsessed with finding it now. wish me luck

Saturday, December 5, 2009

mosaic friday- wooden clogs

mosaic friday- wooden clogs, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

i am a day late, but hey, better late than never! which if it wasnt late, it probably would be never.
i have always had a thing for dutch shoes. when i was little we had a pair. i have NO idea where they came from or for that matter where they went. i believe it wont be long before i am sporting a pair of these around town, much to the chagrin of my teen daughter :o)