Thursday, March 29, 2012

vintage goodies

vintage goodies, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.
i havent been to the antique mall in awhile so i had the hubby drop me off while he got a haircut. i wasnt really in the mood to spend money (what???) but couldnt resist the tartan plaid cover of this cookbook. i have never been able to pass up a cute small wood box with a good price and neat wording. the dala horses....well of course i couldnt NOT buy them!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pear blossom

pear blossom, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.
we have been fortunate to have a gorgeous pear tree in our yard that is prolific (every other year). this is a fruit year! the tree produces lovely small bartlett pears that i hear are delicious. unfortunately i hate pears!
i just love the way the blossoms look, so springish. we have been spending time in the yard the last week or so because of the unseasonably warm weather.
we planted a few peonies in the front and i got several rhubarb plants from my fil, that are now safely tucked into the back garden
i love rhubarb crisp, do you have a favorite rhubarb recipe?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bread, glorious bread

i found this fantastic recipe for crusty bread from Simply So Good via Pinterest. its a wonderfully easy loaf to make too! you put the dough together at nite and then let it rise overnite. early the next day, you pop it into the oven to bake. easy peasy. one caveat, you need a cast iron pot (or enameled cast iron) with lid, because you heat the pan empty. the pot also heats evenly and the lid causes a crispy crust.
janet also gives a number of additions you can add to the loaves for variety.
my second loaf i made with raisins, cinnamon and walnuts. i soaked the raisins for a few hours in some orange spice tea to plump them up. then i sprinkled the unbaked loaf with demerara sugar.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

 krusta bread , tagged me for this fun little "get to know you" game.

The rules:
Answer some questions. Post some questions. Tag some people. It's an 11-11-11 plan (answer 11 questions, "tag" 11 bloggers, ask 11 questions).

1. Starch or no starch? i use best press, which is a starch substitute
2. Prewashing or not? no. definitely not!
3. Solids or prints? i love both equally. they both have their uses
4. Dogs or cats? i heart kitties, but i am highly allergic (asthma), but am more tolerant of doggies
5. Big quilts or little quilts? for me to make? i think small. that is usually what i end up making
6. Thrifting or buying new? hmm, depends what we are talking about. most other things....thrifted!! i also love to check out flea markets and antique shops
7. Wood floors or carpet? wood floors all the way. there is just something so homey about wood floors
8. Beer or wine? wine!! or champers. i quit smoking almost 20 years ago and gave up beer at the same time. they just go together, ya know?
9. Staying in or going out? at nite...definitely staying in. hubby and i dont have a nite life. but i do love to run around  during the day. check number 6.
10. One fabric line per quilt or mix and match? both! haha
11. Watching tv or listening to music? neither to be honest. i like silence.

im not really good at blogging as of late. so i wont tag anyone else
but if you would love to play along, i will post some questions, just in case. let me know if you play

1. your favorite childhood memory
2. your favorite sweet
3. what is your favorite quilt block to make?
4. what is your favorite quilt block to look at?
5. best summer pasttime?
6. summer drink of choice?
7. have you ever made something so horrid you immediately threw it away after finishing? what was it?
8.who do you feel blessed to have in your life (besides your family)? you totally love pinterest???
10. name something sweet you did for someone else today
11. name something sweet you did for yourself today