Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pear blossom

pear blossom, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.
we have been fortunate to have a gorgeous pear tree in our yard that is prolific (every other year). this is a fruit year! the tree produces lovely small bartlett pears that i hear are delicious. unfortunately i hate pears!
i just love the way the blossoms look, so springish. we have been spending time in the yard the last week or so because of the unseasonably warm weather.
we planted a few peonies in the front and i got several rhubarb plants from my fil, that are now safely tucked into the back garden
i love rhubarb crisp, do you have a favorite rhubarb recipe?


Beezus said...

I don't really like pears either (too grainy -- yuck!), but a couple of years ago, a friend gave me two bags full. I made cobblers with them and they were delicious. I unfortunately have no recipe for a rhubarb anything. ;)

Anita said...

Lovely! Do the blossoms have a nice scent too? I like to make rhubarb nectar/juice that can be used for Italian sodas or flavored water. It's hard to make rhubarb desserts around here as I am the only one that likes it.

suzyred said...

/hub loves pears I'm not so keen, our plum tree is flowering and like your pear tree has good years and bad ones hopefully this is a good year, we did get fruit last year but not a lot of it perhaps it will be better this year. not sure our rhubarb will be good this year we had no snow and the say it needs that to be good in the UK. My fav Rhubarb item is crumble love it with any fruit.