Thursday, April 26, 2012

12 vintage dresden plates

I am so excited! I got these lovelies in yesterdays mail. There is nothing like vintage quilt blocks, and especially dresden plates. The fabrics on these are simply gorgeous. I am such a sucker for 30's fabrics, and these dont disappoint. I will take a close up of some of them if anyone is interested in seeing more of the fabrics. Just let me know. The plates are about 12". I am thinking i may do a cream with red polka dot as the background and centers. What would you do if these beauties where yours? I think this will make a luscious wall hanging for my bedroom.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RATZ swap

Feeling a bit bummed that this round of DQS is over?  Need something to take your mind off of waiting for a quilt to arrive?  Come join us for some quick swapping between rounds!  We've created a special swap group specifically to run between DQS rounds--Rapid And Tiny Zakka Swap (the RATZ Swap).  These swaps will consist of short, one month rounds for small usable items (i.e. key fobs, luggage tags, inches, grocery bag, cup cozies, etc.) -- a fun way to try all those cool tutorials and patterns out there.  No extras are to be included in these international swaps, just create and ship!  So if you're interested in continuing the fun of DQS join us and sign up for our very first round--key fobs!  RATZ Swap

Sunday, April 15, 2012

paint, tulips, and old timey notes

in the last few weeks we have picked up a few items that we want to sell at the flea market. they are pretty cruddy looking as is (sorry i dont have any befores, i will try to take a pic before we paint). the paint swatches are to help decide what color to paint them. i think i will go with a darkish turquoise. i have seen a couple of gorgeous pieces painted like that on pinterest lately.
about a month ago a lady came to our house and asked if she could put a sign in our yard about her lost dog. we of course said yes. three weeks later, i had assumed the dog would never be found, and had most likely been hit by a car, as we live on a very busy street. turns out a guy a couple houses down from us had picked the dog up off the street and had kept him. a few people had seen it happen and after being contacted by the dog people to see if he would put a sign up, confessed to having said dog.
the dog people were just so happy to have their dog back, they stopped off and gave us a tulip plant to say thanks for us putting up the sign. such a sweet gesture i thought.
the typewriter was a thriftstore find for $7. i was going to sell it, but the family is having too much fun writing fun notes, quotes and silly song lyrics to each other. i think it may stay on the coffee table for awhile
whats on your coffee table?