Friday, November 20, 2009

a little holiday inspiration

can i just say how much i love these??? i was inspired by dottieangel's turquoise clogs and had to hang up my own. i got these from my local antique mall. i am always paranoid to paint old things, but i just loved hers so, i knew it would be ok. i really like the color she chose, but figured if i painted mine red i would be able to put them into any room in my house. i think they still need a wee something, but for now, they are pretty as is.

hope you are getting into the holiday spirit!

whats inspiring you???

just keep sewing just keep sewing

have you been checking out sew mama sew lately? they have had just a slew of great tutorials which would make great gifties for the holidays. pop over, i will wait here for you. {{toe tapping to annoying bird rapping on mirror}}. oh! i forgot to tell you something! youre back arent you??? ok, good. i will be doing the bom at the quilt store for next year. i was talking to some of the ladies, and they were all excited to try something new, so we are going to be doing a bom based on gwen and freddys collaborative quilting book. i did a quilt mock up of the blocks....not super excited by it, but hopefully it would look much better in real life

friday flickr faves

friday flickr faves, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

long time no hear, eh?
i know, i suck. what can i say, i just havent had the blogging juju lately. there is talk of a full spectrum lamp coming to live with there is hope yet!
i felt the compulsion to join tam in her friday flickr favorites, so heres my mosaic