Sunday, April 15, 2012

paint, tulips, and old timey notes

in the last few weeks we have picked up a few items that we want to sell at the flea market. they are pretty cruddy looking as is (sorry i dont have any befores, i will try to take a pic before we paint). the paint swatches are to help decide what color to paint them. i think i will go with a darkish turquoise. i have seen a couple of gorgeous pieces painted like that on pinterest lately.
about a month ago a lady came to our house and asked if she could put a sign in our yard about her lost dog. we of course said yes. three weeks later, i had assumed the dog would never be found, and had most likely been hit by a car, as we live on a very busy street. turns out a guy a couple houses down from us had picked the dog up off the street and had kept him. a few people had seen it happen and after being contacted by the dog people to see if he would put a sign up, confessed to having said dog.
the dog people were just so happy to have their dog back, they stopped off and gave us a tulip plant to say thanks for us putting up the sign. such a sweet gesture i thought.
the typewriter was a thriftstore find for $7. i was going to sell it, but the family is having too much fun writing fun notes, quotes and silly song lyrics to each other. i think it may stay on the coffee table for awhile
whats on your coffee table?


Cindy Sharp said...

We traded in the coffee table for a tuffet! A big round ottoman sits between the couch and chair and is always covered in magazines, quilts, and cats....and feet!

Beth said...

i love the idea that there would be little surprise notes on the typewriter! and much more fun that tacking up a post it !

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Susan...Little Chick!
I have enjoyed reading your blog...Lots of fun and original ideas...and, so very you!
I love the typewriter and I agree that you should keep it. It's a beauty!
Your header is wonderful with your brightly colored pinnies! One can never have too many pincushions! I use the one you made for me nearly everytime I sew. It sits perched up on the top of my machine.
It's nearly Wednesday already...I hope you have a good remainder of the week, my sweet friend!
Big hugs and thanks for your visit to my new blog!
Carolynn..."Chenille Cottage"