Monday, December 14, 2009

mosaic friday-mostly red and white christmas

wow, i am way late on mosaic friday, but hey, as i say every week, better late than never. i was trying to get the spirit going so i chose to do a red and white christmassy theme for my mosaic. i just adore everything in this one.i cant believe there is only 10 days til xmas eve. ack! i am so not ready. we havent even gotten a tree yet! but i hope to rectify that tonight. as long as the hubby gets home early, it will happen!!!!
i havent gotten anything made yet for gifties. i wanted to make some new stockings for this year, so found the perfect pattern and got all my i cant find the pattern! ugh! i have looked everywhere. did the pattern faeries take it???oh dear, i dont know. i guess i should move onto something else, but i have kind of become obsessed with finding it now. wish me luck


Beth said...

EEK!!! 10 days?!?! We don't have a tree up either -- I kept claiming it was because Charlie's birthday was the 12th and I didn't want him to have to look at the tree on his birthday, but now I have no excuse!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we are so close to Christmas!! I started to suspect it when I got all grinchy last night...Your mosaic trully sets the mood, I love it!