Friday, August 14, 2009

Mitsuwa how i love thee, let me count the ways

today was a happy day. why, you ask?? because i got to go to mitsuwa!!!

mitsuwa is a mall of sorts, it has a food court, a grocery, a travel agent, and a yummy bakery, but best of all it has a bookstore!!! ack!! i lurve this place. i spent almost two hours browsing thru the craft titles and came away with three delicious selections. i dont want to bore everyone by showing you all three here, so i will show you just one, with a few peeks inside. if you want to see more, i will gladly do it in the next couple days. just let me know

i think i might recreate this as a possibly dqs7 or a swap with a certain blogger friend, who shall remain nameless.....

love the wee pincushion, needlebook and geez i guess everything!! there is a lot of wee going on in this pic!

i need to make a new pair of slippers (or as they so sweetly call them in japan, house shoes)

you know how things dont always translate well from one language to another?? what comes to mind is packages of things from china. well this is not one of those things! when i first saw these i thought, wow! really???? fruit salad on bread???? but oh yummmmmmmmm. and i dont even know what have of the fruit is!! its kind of suspended in a whipped creamy thing, on white bread with the crusts taken off, thank you very much. funny thing is, they have potato salad on bread too....i have NOT been brave enough to try that one tho. i guess they figure if its salad it is meant to go on bread, you know, like egg salad......;O/


Des said... come i don't know about this place and uh, could i be your neighbor?

never heard of it. of course, I do live in small town USA........that could be the reason.

Tine said...

Ooooooh! I want to go to a mall like that too! I can certainly see why that would make you happy. And yes please, I would like to see the other books as well! The little house quilt is adorable!
Congratulations on your new blog :)

Brioni Greenberg said...

Ooohh....where is that?
I really NEED one of those fruit sandwiches!!

susan said...

its in between me and chicago
in alconquin
we could go there and you could have your very own fruit sammich!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Daughter is doing an internship in Chicago and when I went to visit her she took me to Mitsuwa! I LOVE it. I shopped and ate and browsed. Like being back in Japan again.