Thursday, September 8, 2011

my new girl

my new girl, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

i am so excited. last month i had to sell my featherweight because to be honest we really needed the money more than i needed a featherweight. i was sad to see my girl go, especially since we hadnt been together long.
recently tho, i had the opportunity to replace her, at a much lower cost with this green beauty. if you know me, you know i heart this green color.
i am just tickled to have her, but i think she needs a little visit to the shop for some cleaning and oiling to make her purr like a kitten..
what do you think of vintage sewing machines? do you love them like i do, or are you a lover of new fangled and schparkly??


Not Lucy said...

Well, since my newest machine is at least 30 years old I guess I like the vintage ones. We have probably about 75 sewing machines including a featherweight, several Singer 99s, 66s, 301s, 401s and a couple of working treadle machines. I hope I never have to get one of those 'new-fangled' ones!

silversmith said...

i have a combo of old and new in my house. i love them both. i learned to sew on an antique cast iron machine when i was in high school and the "new" machine (was 20 years old at the time) was rarely used by anyone in the house. now that "new" machine has been replace by 2 other plastic ones and i've got a cast iron "portable" beastie and a featherweight in my collection.