Friday, September 9, 2011

fabric junkie

went to joanns today. sigh. since we moved away from vernon hills i havent gone to the "big" crafty joanns too much. when the first line of d.s. came out i wasted so much gas looking for it. i promised myself i wouldnt do that again. sigh. i have stayed out of the d.s. group on flickr for the most part just because it would give me the 'i wants" badly. and the money just isnt there for frivalous purchases (did i just call fabric buying frivalous?) i went today hoping to be able to just find a couple of the big florals. those are the ones i really love.
i was really impressed with the hand of the other three, non d.s. prints. supple!


Beth said...

Pretty pretty! I have to make a trip to the big Joanns too, the one close to me only has three bolts. I am actually looking for some of the pretty burgandy prints this time so I can send them to a swappy friend in Denmark :)

Anonymous said...

I never did find any DS prints at my JoAnn's. But I really only looked once. Seems like these sell out so fast in the city. I bet the JoAnn's near my SIL still has some. I should go look!

It's so nice to see you blogging again. :)