Friday, December 18, 2009

mosaic friday-pink christmas

mosaic friday-pink christmas, originally uploaded by chickenfoot.

i love all things pink. i would have a houseful of pink if it wasnt for the hubby. today is a good day, i actually was able to upload my mosaic on friday!
i am getting super excited. someone on flickr saw my mosaic of wooden dutch shoes and gave me someone elses name......long story short, i should have my very own pair of wooden shoes around my birthday!! as soon as the holidays are over they will start to make them. eek, isnt that super de duper??


Beth said...

I've been adding pink and aqua to our Christmas decorations the last few years. LOVE!

Beth said...

great mosaic :) i say do your tree pink and who cares what your hubby says!

sewtakeahike said...

love those photos Susan! that house is so cool! so really? you're own wooden shoes? will you wear them? I must see pics when you get them!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Another PINK person!! I love PINK!

prashant said...

Everything looks wonderful. One day I will make a dolly quilt

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