Friday, November 20, 2009

just keep sewing just keep sewing

have you been checking out sew mama sew lately? they have had just a slew of great tutorials which would make great gifties for the holidays. pop over, i will wait here for you. {{toe tapping to annoying bird rapping on mirror}}. oh! i forgot to tell you something! youre back arent you??? ok, good. i will be doing the bom at the quilt store for next year. i was talking to some of the ladies, and they were all excited to try something new, so we are going to be doing a bom based on gwen and freddys collaborative quilting book. i did a quilt mock up of the blocks....not super excited by it, but hopefully it would look much better in real life


Lynn said...

thanks for the link to sew mama sew. They have great ideas. What fun the bom sounds like. Maybe you aren't crazy about it because the colors in your mock up aren't like the colors in the gwen and freddies quilts. So vibrant. I'll bet that makes the difference. I'll be interested to see how they turn out.

carol said...

Maybe you need some black and white. Gwen and Freddie's quilts often have black and white in too!

Beth said...

ok dorie :)
i wiahs sew mama sew would post some good mens projects! i think i may make a wool scarf.. I havent seen too many of their tutes for the holidays that i really want to make though .. :(